REC Market Meeting November 2021: Accelerating renewable demand

On 30 November and 1 December 2021 the 10th edition of the REC Market Meeting will take place at NH Hotel Krasnapolsky Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Pre-conference sessions will be held on Monday the 29th of November.

The REC Market Meeting has grown from a small gathering for EAC professionals to a successful and recognized global platform for policy makers, markets players, NGOs and academics in the field of renewable energy consumption markets. Over the last ten years the conference has welcomed hundreds of delegates from a broad range of fields related to renewable energy industries and from all over the globe, to get informed, share expertise and strengthen their networks.

REC Market Meeting 2021: Accelerating renewable demand

The 2021 REC Market Meeting (RMM) will take place in a different world – a world of recovery – in which the role of renewables will be more important than ever. Almost 30 months after the last conference, we are excited to be able to once again offer a conference platform that brings together experts and novices to share knowledge and work together on the solutions needed to fast-track the energy transition by accelerating demand for renewables.

In 2021 the focus of the REC Market Meeting will be on Accelerating renewable demand. There is no question that EAC systems established using recognized standards allow end-users to efficiently choose the type of energy they wish to consume. The challenge is: how can we encourage more consumers to make that positive choice. In each of the sessions, we will be asking this simple question: ‘How does this topic relate to accelerating renewable demand?’  Our main aim at this conference is to give a major boost to ongoing efforts to persuade more energy consumers to choose renewables.

The registration for the conference is now open. To register follow this link.

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