31 August 2017 – Tokyo: Workshop Consuming renewables in Japan

RECS International in conjunction with CDP Japan are hosting a workshop on attribute tracking systems and their role in Japan.

As the demand for renewable energy is growing worldwide, so is the need for robust standards for energy attribute tracking systems and consumer claims. Standards such as those offered by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and CDP allow for the reliable disclosure of renewable energy, assuming reliable attribute tracking systems are in place.

This workshop will focus on the development of renewable electricity in Japan and how corporate companies and large electricity end-users can procure renewables. The role of national systems (J-Credit, Green Power) will be discussed as well as voluntary and international standards like the International REC Standard (I-REC Standard) and the interaction of the various systems.

The goal of the workshop is to bring users and experts together, to share experiences and thoughts as well as make concrete steps towards a harmonized Japanese electricity attribute (REC) tracking system.

The event will take place in Tokyo, Japan on August 31st from 13:00 17:00.

Registration can take place via this link.

Agendas in both Japenese and English can be seen below.