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REC Market Meeting Webinar: EACs in the USA, overcoming the lack of federal action?

RECS International is continuing the REC Market Meeting Webinar Series. These webinars represent an online version of sessions which were scheduled to be held at the 2020 REC Market Meeting in Amsterdam. The webinars are free to attend. Members of RECS International can request a recording of the webinar afterwards.

The organization of the REC Market Meeting has been made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors:

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Tuesday 30 June 2020 | 16:00 – 17:15 CET | Please register here

EACs in the USA: overcoming the lack of federal action?

The US renewable energy certificates (RECs) system can be difficult to understand for outsiders, due to differences between the regulations in each state. In some states, there are no targets and renewable energy is both produced and consumed only for voluntary usage. In others, targets are based on the consumption of a minimum level of renewable power. These Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) account for a significant portion of consumption for which voluntary usage adds additional support. Despite the differences between states, the US is the second largest renewable energy market in the world, and one which continues to grow. In this session you will get a clear picture of the US system and hear whether action to encourage and support the consumption of renewables at the state level can overcome a lack of action by the federal government. 

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Noah Bucon – Regulatory Affairs Manager, 3Degrees


Eric O’Shaughnessy – Renewable Research Analyst, Clean Kilowatts
Jillian Forte – Program Manager, Green Hydrogen Coalition