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REC Market Meeting Webinar: Volumes and Prices

RECS International introduces the REC Market Meeting Webinar Series. These webinars represent an online version of sessions which were scheduled to be held at the 2020 REC Market Meeting in Amsterdam. The webinars are free to attend. Members of RECS International can request a recording of the webinar afterwards.

The organization of the REC Market Meeting has been made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors: ECOHZ, Statkraft, Commerg, Fortum, 3Degrees, Entelios, First Climate, Greenfact, Nvalue, STX Commodities

Tuesday 28 April | 15:30 – 16:45 CET

REC Market Meeting Webinar 1: Market developments, volumes and prices

This session, which has become a staple of the REC Market Meeting, is the first of a series of webinars through which RECS International will host online sessions from the cancelled RMM 2020.  Volumes, prices, trades, demand and trends – everything that the traders and originators among us need to prepare for the new year will be covered by expert speakers. Will the double-digit growth of recent years continue into 2020? Will trends such as increased demand, more complex product definitions and increased interest from stakeholders and policy-makers consolidate or accelerate? Could we see more frequent and more severe price shocks, or will a maturing market become easier to predict? The answers to these questions and more will make for an interesting session that covers REC markets in Europe and around the world – providing an overview of both developed and developing attribute-tracking markets.

The session will be introduced by RECS International.

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Alexandra Mara Münzer  – Managing Director, Greenfact


William Dixon – Head of Product Development CWE, Entelios (a part of Agder Energi)

Rodolphe Schennen – Managing Director, Commerg

For speaker biographies, go to the speaker page.

RECS International is very thankful to the sponsors of the REC Market Meeting 2020: