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REC Market Meeting Webinar: An introduction to why consumers use energy attribute certificates

RECS International is continuing the REC Market Meeting Webinar Series. These webinars represent an online version of sessions which were scheduled to be held at the 2020 REC Market Meeting in Amsterdam. The webinars are free to attend. Members of RECS International can request a recording of the webinar afterwards. The organization of the REC Market Meeting has been made possible thanks to the support of our sponsors:

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Tuesday 16 June 2020 | 16:00 – 17:15 CET

An introduction: why consumers use energy attribute certificates


This webinar is designed for newcomers to energy attribute certificates (EACs), and participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of attribute tracking. We will look at the benefits of using renewable energy markets and systems. Expert speakers will address questions such as ‘why do consumers buy green energy?’, ’what are their needs when they do so?’, and ‘is there a general approach, or is every consumer different?’ The session is flexible and may cover details of other topics such as environmental reporting and guiding documents and standards, depending on the interests of those attending the session.

Please note, this session is for newcomers to the market. Questions that touch on fundamental aspects of how these markets work, will be prioritized.  

The session will be introduced by RECS International. Please register here.


Hristina Minkova
Head of Environmental Science, Nvalue


Scott Eidson
Vice President Environmental Markets, 3Degrees
Lucy Hunt

Associate, WBCSD


For speaker biographies, go to the speaker page.