The successes of the voluntary market creates new power

Nowadays one could say that certificate trading is starting a new phase in liberalization of the electricity market. With the introduction of the Guarantee of Origin (GO), electricity can be tracked from producer to consumer.  This allows the consumer to choose a specific electricity product they wish to purchase and consume. RECS International asked itself however, looking back on 10 years of RECS, if this was the initial reason the first movers got involved in GO/electricity attribute trading. What were the real expectations from the people involved in the beginning of this new market?

One thing is for sure, the successes of the voluntary market are real and it gave a lot of new energy to the people involved. Read more about the history of GO trading in the first issue of the RECS International cover story. 

Creating new energy to create new power

Ten years of working with the market for standardised GO’s has resulted in many thousands of involved people fully understanding the meaning and possible future for a healthy electricity attribute trading system.  All these different people with different backgrounds provided the needed manpower to drive this market to the success it sees now. RECS International believes that the success of this market, the improved consumer protection and increased liberalization of electricity markets are all results of the GO marketplace.  We know that this only came from the constant flow of new energy from the people working with these certificate systems.  This enabled the market to constantly develop fresh, new ideas driving the GO trading system to constantly innovate.

RECS International’s first cover story interviews three of the leading players who were there in the beginning of the GO attribute trading system. This cover story interviews Peter Niermeijer, the current Secretary General of RECS International, Phil Moody the Secretary General of the Association of Issuing Bodies and Claes Hedenstrom, the president of RECS International as well as a leading market innovator.

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