RECS International welcomes new members

1 September 2017

RECS International welcomes a new member from Hungary: Vertis Environmental Finance Ltd

Vertis is a top environmental commodities trader, specialising in emissions trading and energy efficiency. As one of the carbon market pioneers, Vertis started its emissions trading business in 2001. Our mission is to inspire and empower businesses to make the transition to a low carbon economy.

Over the last two decades our business has changed. First we worked with the Joint Implementation mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. Then, when the EU ETS was set up, our role was to help clients under- stand it and to help create liquidity in the market - so the system would work. A well functioning market helps reduce the cost of emission reductions, and hence it allows ambitious environmental goals to be set - for the benefit of all of us.

RECS International is looking forward to our common venture in realising robust energy attribute tracking systems.