RECS International welcomes new members

10 October 2016

RECS International is happy to announce two new members: First Climate and EDF Trading.

First Climate

“The shift towards renewable energy will continue to play a key role in global climate protection. Being a member of RECS International we are very happy to have the opportunity to take part in shaping the future of the RECs market”, says First Climate CEO Sascha Lafeld.

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, First Climate is a leading service provider for green energy solutions, carbon and water management, supporting private and public sector organizations in achieving their sustainability objectives.

EDF Trading

EDF Trading is the wholesale trading arm of the EDF Group, a leading renewable generator in Europe, and committed to the environment products marketplace.  It offers a range of multi-commodity structured solutions that help the EDF Group and third party customers around the world achieve their environmental goals.  In Europe, we are a leading provider of ‘guarantees of origin’ power certificates and a major participant in the carbon market.  In North America, we are one of the largest participants in the RECs market, and our services include the purchase and sale of RECs and Green-e Energy Certified RECs in the main US and regional compliance markets.

EDF Trading is a 100% owned subsidiary of EDF, the world's biggest electricity generator and a global leader in low carbon energies.

Thank you for joining RECS International! RECS International members help support us in our promotion of an effective and transparent renewable energy market.