5 October 2017

Call for abstracts REC Market Meeting 2018

In March 2018 RECS International will be organizing the 8th edition of the REC Market Meeting. RECS International welcomes abstracts from interested speakers.


5 October 2017

EU documentation on RED II and stakeholder position documents

The draft version of the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) has been in development since its initial release by the European Commission earlier this year. The document will need to be reviewed by the European Parliament as well as the European Council before a “trialogue” is started, a process to resolve disagreements between the European Council and the European Parliament. The European Commission is the mediator in this process.


2 October 2017

London September seminar presentations available

On 25 September RECS International and Agder Energi organized a seminar on the UK renewable energy markets. On 26 September RECS International organized another seminar to discuss the progress of the Renewables Good Practice (ReGP). The ReGP is a guidance document to help stakeholders, producers and end-users of reliably procure renewable electricity.


23 September 2017

RECS International speaker at Renewable Energy Markets in New York

From October 22 – 24 the Renewable Energy Markets (REM) conference will be held in New York City at the Midtown Hilton Hotel. The two-day event attracts participants who share an interest in and commitment to promoting renewable energy and is organized by the Centre for Resource Solutions. The conference brings forward the latest developments in the US renewables sector, as well as developments on an international level. 


6 September 2017

RECS International requests members to support the GO system in Brussels

Over the years the Guarantee of Origin (GO) system has increasingly proven its worth in the transition to a renewable economy. There is no alternative when it comes to reliably allocating renewable energy sources from producers to individual consumers in Europe. The significance of a robust attribute tracking system in order to establish a prosperous renewables market has been recognized by European policy makers, international stakeholders and the producers and consumers it is intended for. The market continues to grow every year and the international support and comprehension of the system is likewise growing.


2 September 2017

Report: Development of the Guarantees of Origin Market

The Green Economy Market Infrastructure company Grexel has created the fourth edition of the “Development of the Guarantees of Origin Market” report, on request of RECS International.


1 September 2017

RECS International welcomes new members

RECS International welcomes a new member from Hungary: Vertis Environmental Finance Ltd


20 August 2017

The International REC Standard holds an Advisory Group meeting in New York

The International REC Standard board is organizing an Advisory Group meeting in order to improve the quality of the I-REC Standard through the input by stakeholders and market players. The I-REC Standard is a non-profit organization which provides a robust energy attribute tracking system in markets globally where no system currently exists.


18 August 2017

Swedish Energy Agency new member of the AIB

On June 9th 2017, the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) was accepted as a new member of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB). EECS certificates for production devices in Sweden are now being issued by the certificate registry CESAR, which is operated by the Agency. Guarantees of origin can be issued either in a national version, which is only transferrable within Sweden, or in an EECS version for transfer anywhere in Europe. Both types can be issued for any type of electricity production, be it renewable, fossil or nuclear. 148 million GOs were issued in Sweden during last year, of which 31 million were EECS certificates.


9 August 2017

CRS to host webinar on Green-e Framework for Renewable Energy Certification

Center for Resource Solutions is hosting a webinar regarding the Green-e Framework for Renewable Energy Certification. This new global energy certification framework establishes the baseline criteria for new regional and country-specific Green-e standards throughout the world.


13 July 2017

Presentations MiFID webinar

On the 29th of June 2017 RECS International in conjunction with DLA Piper held a webinar on the developments of MiFID II and the implications for GO trade.


12 July 2017

AIB opens survey for evaluation of their website

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) is evaluating the user friendliness and functionality of their website and has opened a survey for market parties and stakeholders to provide their comments.

The AIB is requesting feedback by Thursday 20 July 12:00. The survey can be found here here.


11 July 2017

Large renewable energy project in Gulf region backed by energy tracking certificates

Philip Lighting is taking large steps towards sourcing entirely renewable electricity for its global operations in order to meet their 100% renewables target by 2020. Philips, a leader in energy efficient lighting, will source renewable electricity from Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park in Dubai, using the International REC Standard.


26 June 2017

Last call: Registration for RECS International open webinar on MiFID II closing today!

We are pleased to announce that there are already over 70 registrations for the webinar about the developments regarding MiFID II, organized by RECS International in conjunction with DLA Piper. Today is the last day to register for the webinar. To read more about the webinar and register, please go to the event page.


26 June 2017

Information about the REC Market Meeting 2018

This news item contains members only information regarding the REC Market Meeting in 2018. Public announcement will follow later this year. 


23 June 2017

EU Sustainable Energy Week session now available online

The Association of Issuing Bodies and REScoop jointly presented the session “Involving consumers in the energy transition” during the EU Sustainable Energy Week


23 June 2017

RECS International to participate in member webinar on sourcing renewables in Asia

RECS International and Natural Capital Partners are jointly organizing a webinar about the various options available to source renewable energy in Asia. The 30-minute webinar will detail the current options in various countries around Asia.


22 June 2017

Public consultation for Gold Standard Renewable Energy Label now open

As part of its new standard, Gold Standard for the Global Goals, Gold Standard will launch a new quality label for renewable energy market instruments. 


19 June 2017

Secretariat seeks input on the development of multiple delivery contracts

RECS International members are requested to contact the secretariat with their thoughts and considerations related to the development of a “multiple-delivery” standard contract. 


16 June 2017

RECS International welcomes a new member

RECS International is pleased to announce a new member from the UK: Numerco.


2 June 2017

The role of Consumers in the Energy Transition, session hosted by AIB and REScoop

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) and REScoop.EU are hosting the session “Involving consumers in the energy transition – accountability, CSR and carbon accounting” during the EU Sustainlable Energy Week (EUSEW). 


18 May 2017

Eurelectric position paper REDII

Eurelectric has prepared a legislative proposal to the European Commission to revise the Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) on some crucial points. Like RECS International and many other stakeholders, they propose that the intentions for auctioning the Guarantee of Origin be omitted in the final version of this important document. For various reasons the intended auctioning system will be detrimental to a carefully constructed GO market. More about this can be read in this news item.

You can read the Eurelectric paper here.


10 May 2017

RECS International continues to welcome new members

RECS International is pleased to announce a new member: Natural Capital Partners. With 19 years’ experience and a global network of project partners, Natural Capital Partners works with their clients to deliver high quality solutions that ensure immediate, positive impact on the world’s natural capital. They work with more than 300 clients in 33 countries to ensure their environmental programmes deliver value for their business.

RECS International is looking forward to working with Natural Capital Partners and supporting each other in meeting the demand for more renewable electricity.

For more information on Natural Capital Partners please visit their website 


1 May 2017

Changes in AIB rules for EECS-GOs

Minor corrections have been made to the published EECS Rules 7v9, to account for the agreed changes to Reviewers, as agreed at the last General Meeting. These occur on pages 13, 18 and 61.

For more information please contact the secretariat at


30 April 2017

Support for REDII but concerns about GO auction

In an effort to strengthen consumer choice as well as clarify post-2020 regulations, on 30thNovember 2016 the European Commission released its vision for a new Renewable Energy Directive (REDII). However, there is one critical place where end-users, market players, environmental groups and many national governments all disagree. In article 19:2 of the draft text there is mention of a mandatory auction of Guarantees of Origin (GOs), the ‘currency’ that drives the renewable electricity market. There is considerable concern that this auction, in its current form, would take away consumer choice in the electricity market and restrict the ability to support specific renewable projects.


25 April 2017

CEER publication reviewing EU renewables support schemes

There is a wide range of compliance and voluntary instruments available on the electricity market to promote the generation of renewable electricity across Europe, such as Feed-In tariffs (FITs),  feed-in premiums (FIPs) and investment grants. While support schemes for renewables can stimulate growth in terms of production, the demand-driven focus is lost. This tends to lead to market distortion, resulting in an inefficient allocation of renewables (e.g. new solar production in regions with a low radiation input). Moreover they tend to have an impact on grid balancing and other regulatory frameworks as such EU support schemes have varying degrees of inefficiency.  Moving towards market-based support schemes provides more efficient ways to use tax money.


15 April 2017

AIB Paper: Views on the provisions of the Clean Energy Package relating to GOs and disclosure

The AIB, together with its members, has compiled a detailed consideration of the Guarantee of Origin scheme in the “Clean Energy for all Europeans” package. It is taking a close look at the proposals in the upcoming RED II directive and providing comments on among other things the auctioning of GOs and GOs for gas.


14 April 2017

Looking back: Seminar Groen Inkopen - Dutch Language Seminar

On the 11th of April Reconnect and RECS International organized a seminar on the procurement of renewables by the corporate industry. The seminar took place in Arnhem, the Netherlands, and was attended by some 30 people from various backgrounds: government, NGO, energy providers and commodity traders.


3 April 2017

Looking back: RECs Market Meeting 2017 a big success

From Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 of March the annual RECs Market Meeting took place at the Krasnapolsky hotel in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This year’s event, entitled “Consumers driving the energy transition”, focused on end-consumers' increasing influence on the global electricity markets. With the use of attribute tracking systems electricity end-users are able to claim the use of renewable electricity and direct investments in electricity to the production of their choice. 


2 March 2017

RECs Market Meeting 2017 Updates

Less than three weeks left to the seventh edition of the RECs Market Meeting. This year we have seen a growing interest in the event  and an impressive diversity of backgrounds of people attending the conference.  We are happy to see that we have delegates from around the world and from all positions in the market: from The US to Europe, Mali to Brazil and from from NGOs to corporates end-users.


1 March 2017

Annual European EECS-GO statistics published

The European Energy Certificate System (EECS) Standard for Guarantee of Origin held by the Association of Issuing Bodies released their annual statistics for the use of the GO-market.

Statistics can be seen via the following links:  

·         Issuing, transfer and cancellation statistics can be found here

·         Ex-Domain Cancellations statistics can be found here

For any questions regarding the statistics, please contact the RECS International secretariat at:


21 November 2016

New RE100 report promoting EU energy policy changes

In the light of the upcoming revision of the EU Renewable Energy Directive a new report from RE100 calls on policy makers to ensure a better policy framework, allowing for companies to have easier access to renewable power in Europe.


21 November 2016

CEPS paper on Disclosure of Guarantees of Origin

CEPS, a leading think tank and forum for debate on EU affairs, has published the paper “The Disclosure of Guarantees of Origin: Interactions with the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework”. 


20 November 2016

RECs Market Meeting 2017 is picking up speed

On 21 and 22 March 2017 RECS International is holding its seventh edition of the RECs Market Meeting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This is the only European event focusing on the demand side of the European and the international energy market.  


18 November 2016

Registration for Expert Meeting and Open Markets Committee in Baden is now closed

Registration for the Open Markets Committee and the Expert Meeting on Consumer Claims Standards is now closed. Meeting details and both agendas can be found here


17 November 2016

DCCE authorized by Dubai Supreme Council of Energy to become I-REC Standard Issuer

On November 7 2016 the Dubai Supreme Council granted the Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence (DCCE) the exclusive rights to document and issue RECs in the United Arab Emirates. The I-REC secretariat is working together with the I-REC Standard board and DCCE to ensure the I-REC Standard is implemented in the UAE in a reliable and transparent manner. Issuance is expected in early 2017. 


15 November 2016

Q3 AIB statistics for EECS-GOs now available

The AIB regularly publishes statistics for GOs adherent to the EECS Standard. New statistics for the third quarter of 2016 are now available.


31 October 2016

Towards the 1st EU-wide Guarantee of Origin for Renewably-produced Hydrogen

The CertifHy Project has finalized its work on ‘Developing the 1st EU-wide Guarantee of Origin for Premium Hydrogen’ and presented the results and next steps during the event: “Implementing the 1st EU-wide Guarantees of Origin Scheme for Premium Hydrogen” on October 19th, in Brussels. In this article Vanessa Wabitsch from Hinicio elaborates on the future of premium hydrogen GO's. 


27 October 2016

WBCSD report on corporate renewable PPAs

Using PPAs to procure renewable energy is becoming more and more standard practice. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development has now released a new report that guides companies through the process of procuring renewable power via Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). 


26 October 2016

RECS International welcomes new members from the US

RECS International is happy to announce a new member from the US: Renewable Choice Energy.


24 October 2016

CNMC to commence issuance of EECS GOs in Spain

CNMC has long been the official issuing body for guarantees of origin in Spain and as of July 26 2016 these GOs were standardized according to the EECS regulations held by the Association of Issuing Bodies. On September 22nd the first exports from Spain took place via the AIB Hub.


24 October 2016

A big thanks to the Renewable Energy Markets Conference 2016

On October 17 and 18 RECS International attended the Renewable Energy Market 2016 in San Francisco organized by the Center for Resource Solutions. 


10 October 2016

RECS International welcomes new members

RECS International is happy to announce two new members: First Climate and EDF Trading.


10 October 2016

RECS International promotes dual reporting of production and consumption

Recently several articles have been published describing RECS International’s vision for how electricity consumption is reported at the European and national levels. 


12 September 2016

London event on global corporate energy strategies

The electricity market is changing. The focus is shifting from production to consumer demands, putting the end user in the driver's seat. On the 1st of November 2016 EY, in conjunction with RECS International and the RE100 group, will invite you to the event “Energy Strategy: 100% Renewable Energy”. Presenters and panelists will dedicate the afternoon to discussing the various topics related to these strategic developments. The event will be attended by global procurement directors, sustainability leaders, environmental heads and leading policy professionals, who will be sharing their knowledge and insights. The main focus will be on strategic options for corporates to source 100% renewables globally.


9 September 2016

Revival of RECS Good Practice

GO’s and other attribute tracking certificates are well established within European and U.S. electricity markets and are increasingly developing world wide. RECS International believes it is important to bring the focus to consumers adhering to best practice standards. For this reason RECS International is going to revive RECS Good Practice as a way to encourage transparency in product procurement.


7 September 2016

RECS International describes the importance of acknowledging consumer demand for renewable energy

Consumers must play a larger role in the energy transition but without the right tools in place the influence of the consumer is limited. Across Europe consumers are increasingly choosing renewable energy even though this is not reflected in national statistics. Reporting on both the production and consumption of renewable electricity will support consumer choice and action in the electricity market. A recently published article by the Secretary General of RECS International elaborates on this topic and can be read here


22 August 2016

Political discussion and developments regarding Norwegian disclosure and Guarantees of Origin

Earlier this year the Norwegian government, pressured by industry players, has considered abandoning the pan-European GO system in favour of a so-called “production-based tracking system”. These developments were placing a consumer-driven market for renewable electricity under threat. RECS International called on all stakeholders in Norway to protect consumer choice and begin a dialogue over these issues. 


14 June 2016

AIB publishes 2015 European residual mixes

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) has published European residual mix figures for 2015. 


9 June 2016

RECS International release their annual report 2015

RECS International released their 2015 annual report.


8 June 2016

Norwegian RECS International members release joint statement

In the Norwegian Aftenbladet newspaper local RECS International members have joined forces to combat recent statements from the Minister of Petroleum and Energy. This comes less than a week after the press release from RECS International on the same topic.


6 June 2016

DG Energy release initial results from REDII consultation

In preparation for 2020 DG Energy released a consultation for the second Renewable Energy Directive (REDII) late last year. The first results from the consultation document have been released and are available online for public review.


11 May 2016

Press release: Norway is placing the consumer-driven market for renewable electricity under threat

RECS International published a press release emphasizing the importance of the consumer-driven market for renewable electricity in Norway and around Europe. Recent developments in Norway have shown us that more information about these systems is needed and that stakeholders must increase dialogue over these issues both on national and international levels.


6 May 2016

Green-e publishes residual mix calculations for US and Canada

Those familiar with the recent Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance document will know that the creation of residual mix calculations are important for the integrity of emissions accounting and renewable electricity markets more generally. 


5 May 2016

Q1 2016 EECS-GO statistics available in new format

The Association of Issuing Bodies has revised the way in which they display the statistics of EECS-GO countries. The new method of statistics will show a monthly summary by technology group per country.


2 May 2016

RECS International considering an Oslo workshop, explaining the GO system

RECS International is considering to organize a workshop in Oslo and is looking for input from members. 


2 May 2016

Initial data released for 2015 statistical analysis work

Members are invited to take a quick look at some of the statistical analysis work for the 2015 trading of GOs. 


2 May 2016

RE100 publishes technical briefing, Making credible renewable electricity usage claims

The technical briefing is described on the RE100 website as, “…a technical deep-dive into corporate transparency and credibility, and shows companies how to accurately describe their use of renewable electricity.” 


29 April 2016

OFGEM provides clarifications on the consumption of overseas electricity

OFGEM published their decision on proof of UK consumption of overseas electricity following their consultation from 12 January 2016. Following the release of the document on 19 April 2016 OFGEM published a clarification on 28 April 2016 for 2015/2016 GOs and implicit trading.


7 April 2016

U.S. Renewables Portfolio Standards 2016 annual report published by LBNL

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has released their annual report describing the status of U.S. renewable portfolio standards.


30 March 2016

AIB changes HUB provider, promise new statistics

Unicorn Systems launched the new registry HUB application for the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) during the weekend of March 5/6. With this milestone it means the transition from the old Atos system is now complete.


14 March 2016

Spain and Germany become AIB member, Spain joins EECS

The Spanish regulatory authority and official GO issuing body, CNMC, has become an AIB member and is now adherent to the EECS Standard. The German competent body for GOs, UBA, has been adherent to the EECS Standard since 2014 and has recently decided to become an AIB member.


14 March 2016

Thank you! The RECs Market Meeting 2016 was a huge success

Thank you to everyone who participated in the RECs Market Meeting 2016. It is because of you that the event this year was such a success.


14 March 2016

RECS International appoints new Secretary-General, Peter is thanked

On March 7, 2016 Peter Niermeijer resigned as Secretary-General of RECS International. The former Deputy Secretary-General, Jared Braslawsky, was appointed to the position.


10 March 2016

Green-e developing international renewable energy certificate program and standard

Green-e, a program of the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), has been working in the field of renewable energy certification and verification for nearly 20 years. Green-e’s primary focus has been to support transparent renewables purchasing for North American consumers. In an effort to expand access to consistent, credible, and impactful purchasing options throughout the world Green-e is working to develop the Green-e Energy International Standard.


4 March 2016

CDP mentions RECs Market Meeting and RECS International in new post

The blog post, "Taking corporate renewable energy use to the next level" focuses primarily on the interaction of corporate reporting, CDP and the activities of the RE100 Techincal Advisory Group. RECS International has been an active participant on the RE100 Technical Advisory Group since its inception in 2014. Together with the other Advisory Group members RECS International intends to set clear guidelines for the procurement of renewable energy by RE100 corporate companies.


3 March 2016

Ofgem releases guidance on the use of GOs in fuel mix disclosure

During the announcement of the summer budget on 8 July 2015 it was revealed that Levy Exemption Certificates (LECs) for electricity generated on or after 1 August 2015 would no longer be issued. As a result of this change Ofgem began a consultation process to clarify how GOs should be presented to Ofgem. 


11 February 2016

RECS International releases renewable directive consultation

The European Commission is reviewing the renewable energy directive (RED) and creating new legislative proposals for the period following 2020 with the possibility of implementing some immediate changes as soon as 2017. In order to coordinate stakeholder and citizen suggestions the commission released a public consultation document for, “the new renewable energy directive (REDII)”.  


13 January 2016

RECS International welcomes new member from the US

RECS International is proud to announce a new member with their head offices in the United States, 3Degrees. 


12 January 2016

Czech OTE suspended from EECS-hub, remains AIB member

As of December 4, 2015 the Czech GO issuing body has suspended its connection to the EECS-hub and electricity tracking standard. OTE, the competent authority for GO issuance in the Czech Republic, will remain a member of the AIB.


4 November 2015

Norwegian registry shows all exports and ex-domain cancellations

The Norwegian EECS-GO registry now provides data on cancellations, allowing a sneak-peek into the world of ex-domain cancellations as well.


4 November 2015

Q3 statistics show continued growth in GO market

The Q3 statistics recently released by the Association of Issuing Bodies show that the Guarantee of Origin market has continued to grow.


3 November 2015

RECs Market Meeting 2016 announced and first speakers confirmed

The RECs Market Meeting 2016 will take place on 8 and 9 March 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This year the event is titled, “Consumers Choose Renewable Energy” to reflect the grassroots support for renewable energy procurement from consumers large and small.


31 October 2015

Ofgem opens consultation on proposed changes to GO process after CCL removal

This consultation seeks the views of stakeholders on proposed changes to the procedure for presenting Guarantees of Origin (GOs) to Ofgem after the removal of the Climate Change Levy (CCL) exemption for renewables from 1 August 2015. In light of the absence of Levy Excemption Certificates for output from 1 August 2015, Ofgem is now consulting on proposed changes to the way GOs are presented to the UK national authorities.


27 October 2015

Campaign launched to inform consumers about MiFID II

MiFID II: the European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA) has published its draft regulatory technical standards which are designed to establish ways of working under MiFID II. If this is passed in its current form, some stakeholders are concerned that the legislation would result in energy companies being subject to similar requirements to those affecting investment banks.


9 October 2015

AIB takes on residual mix calculations with the help of Grexel

The Association of Issuing Bodies, with technical help from Grexel Systems Ltd., will take over the calculation of the European attribute mix and the national residual mixes from the RE-DISS II project. 


30 September 2015

EFET has informal meeting with Ofgem and HMRC

EFET had an informal meeting with Ofgem and HMRC to discuss the phase out of CCL exemption.


29 September 2015

RE100 is joined by Nike, Goldman Sachs, Unilever and others

RE100 is a global initiative that was established to engage, support and showcase influential companies committed to using 100% renewable power. It is led by The Climate Group in partnership with CDP, and it is supported by the We Mean Business coalition.


3 August 2015

Request for Meeting: Termination / Reduction of Interconnector Capacity Exposure due to CCL Exemption Removal

We understand that a number of members are currently considering how capacity on the BritNed or IFA could be reduced or terminated as they have lost their commercial purpose because the CCL Exemption for renewable source electricity is removed from 1 August 2015.


21 July 2015

Confirmation of UK VAT rules

The AIB has received formal position statement from the UK’s VAT collector (HMRC) regarding RES GOs (known as REGOs in the UK). 


20 July 2015

Commission releases energy summer package with consumers highlighted not GOs

On July 15th the European Commission released the 2015 energy summer package. The summer package, "presented proposals to deliver a new deal for energy consumers, to launch a redesign of the European electricity market, to update energy efficiency labelling and to revise the EU Emissions Trading System". While the focus on the consumer was clear, there was no mention of the guarantee of origin or electricity product choice. 


14 July 2015

RE-DISS preparing webinar on disclosure guidelines for electricity supplier

RE-DISS will be holding a free webinar on Disclosure Guidelines for electricity suppliers on July 29, 2015 from 10:00 – 11:30 (CEST).


14 July 2015

Analysis by Andreas Gunst: Removal of the United Kingdom Climate Change Levy Exemption

The United Kingdom´s Climate Change Levy (CCL) was introduced in 2001 under the Finance Act 2000 with the aim of taxing the energy usage of non-domestic consumers  with the exception of the transportation sector. An exemption system was introduced to allow consumers of renewable source energy to avoid paying the CCL, by means of the levy exemption certificate (LEC) system.

Operators of United Kingdom resident installations and foreign installations could obtain accreditation for the scheme and receive LECs. These would ultimately be sold together with the underlying renewable source electricity to suppliers in the United Kingdom who would claim exemption on behalf of their consumers.  LECs would be sold with other evidentiary instruments such as guarantees of origin and generator declaration for the purpose of fuel mix disclosure (FMD), feed-in tariff levelisation benefits, related determination of green excluded electricity under the contracts for difference (CfD) scheme and as evidence on 'green tariff' products. The appertaining commercial benefit was usually priced into the LEC price.  

In the United Kingdom´s 2015 Budget, announced on 8 July 2015, Chancellor George Osborne claimed that as the United Kingdom has established a long-term framework for investment in renewable energy, the CCL exemption scheme, and therefore the LEC scheme, shall be removed. It is from the announcement not fully clear whether the exemption will be removed for both national and foreign installations, or just the latter. The explanation for the change appeared to be mainly concerned with foreign installations. 

This note will briefly outline consequences of the removal of the CCL exemption regime on relevant agreements, notably:

§  agreements for the delivery of LECs and guarantees of origin/generator declarations;

§  agreements for the delivery of renewable source electricity into the British  electricity market; and

§  agreement for the purchase of interconnection capacity and transmission services on interconnectors into the British  electricity market.    


9 July 2015

UK ends the LEC

The government of the UK will remove the Climate Change Levy exemption for renewably sourced electricity from 1 August 2015. 


8 July 2015

RE-DISS publishes 2014 residual mixes

The Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (RE-DISS) project has published European residual mix figures for 2014. This is the last year that RE-DISS will produce residual mix calculations for Europe.


1 July 2015

Irish GOs now adhere to the EECS standard

On 19th May the Association of Issuing Bodies granted membership to SEM-O of Ireland.


22 June 2015

AIB releases reflection paper on the upcoming RES Directive

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) released a paper titled, “AIB Reflection Paper on the Forthcoming RES Directive”. The 18-page document explains the AIB’s view on the future of the guarantee of origin and the necessary policy improvements to ensure a reliable electricity tracking system.


16 June 2015

Workshop on guarantees of origin trade in Hamburg

The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) and the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) are organizing a workshop in cooperation with DLA Piper on, "Trading guarantees of origin: EECS in practice and in legal documentation". 


23 February 2015

RECS Market Meeting early-bird registration ends Saturday

Early bird registration ends this Saturday, 28 February 2015. Register today to benefit from discounted conference tariffs. 


19 February 2015

European project for hydrogen guarantees of origin kicks off

CertifHy is a new European project that aims to develop the first EU-wide framework for the generation of guarantees of origin (GoO) for renewable hydrogen for use in Fuel Cells. The objectives of the initiative are to, “…define a widely acceptable definition of green hydrogen, design a robust GoO scheme for green hydrogen and propose a roadmap to implement the initiative throughout the EU.” 


19 February 2015

AIB announces new hub super user

The service provider ensuring the quality, reliability and maintenance of the AIB’s hub has been awarded to Grexel a Finnish-based company.


10 February 2015

Retailers meet national regulators concerning disclosure of electricity in Sweden

The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate (EI) has completed an audit of 16 electricity suppliers to determine if they have correctly managed their electricity disclosure requirements. All 16 companies declared the origin of electricity sold in the previous year appropiately.


9 February 2015

AIB releases 2014 statistics for EECS guarantees of origin

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) has released the volumes of issuance, cancellation, export, import, transfer and expiry of European Energy Certificate System (EECS) standardized Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificates. 


3 February 2015

Warning to members as CertiQ mandates KYC forms for trade accounts

CertiQ will proceed to oblige the owners of a trade account on the Dutch guarantee of origin registry to hand in know-your-customer forms. Owners of cancellation accounts (end-user accounts) are not required to complete the forms.


30 January 2015

The International REC Standard accepted as Scope 2 accounting mechanism

The International REC Standard (The I-REC Standard) is a voluntary standard which ensures proper issuance, redemption and consumer claimsin relation to the use of REC certificates outside the EU, US and Australia. The standard provides a simplified method for the issuance of internationally recognized REC certificates where no reliable or internationally accepted system currently exists. 


28 January 2015

RECS International to participate in Polish workshop for Carbon Footprinting

The 2015 Carbon Footprinting Seminar, which is organized by Western Energy Consulting, will take place on 26 February in Warsaw, Poland. Speakers include RECS International, The Embassy of Norway, Bergen Energi, ECOHZ, Clifford Chance, Danone, IKEA and AIB.


23 January 2015

RECS International moderates part of Scope 2 launch event

RECS International moderated a panel discussion during the recent GHGP workshops in London and Brussels


21 January 2015

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 guidance report is published

On 20 January 2015 the GHG Protocol organization published its long-awaited Scope 2 guidance document for the calculation of indirect carbon emissions from the use of electricity, heat and steam.


12 January 2015

Invitation for Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 launch events in Europe and USA

On 21 January in London, 22 January in Brussels and 30 January in Washington, DC the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and partners are organizing launch events for the updated GHGP Corporate Standard and new Scope 2 Guidance report. 


9 January 2015

Problems with KYC forms or GO Issuing Body contractual changes

Some RECS Members have mentioned that recent contractual changes and/or Know Your Customer (KYC) forms being required by issuing bodies have placed an unnecessary burden or contractual responsibility on the market player. 


8 January 2015

New AIB member and GO registry owner for Finland

Finextra Oy has become the new Finnish member of the AIB and replaced the Grexel registry in that country. 


1 December 2014

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 Guidance workshops announced for January in London and Brussels

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) has announced a Scope 2 Guidance workshop to take place in London on January 21 and in Brussels on January 22. The half day workshops will include presentations and panel discussions from stakeholder organizations and end-consumers of renewable electricity.


1 December 2014

Legal workshop planned for traders in the renewables market

Before the RECS Market Meeting 2015 a workshop is planned for traders, brokers, large-purchasers and suppliers of guarantee of origin certificates in Europe.


26 November 2014

Association of Issuing Bodies and CEER among 10 organizations calling for anti-VAT-fraud measures

A press release from Eurelectric pushes for a comprehensive implementation of the EU anti-VAT-fraud package by all 28 EU Member States. 


25 November 2014

Updated single-delivery GO standard agreement available

An updated European Energy Certificate System Guarantee of Origin Standard Agreement for Single Delivery has been posted to the RECS website.


12 November 2014

Conference on Asian green electricity purchases and corporate GHG accounting

A partner of RECS International is organizing an event in Taipei titled, “International Conference on Corporate GHG Accounting Change and Green Electricity Purchasing in Asia”. Supporting and speaking at the conference are representatives from GHG Protocol, CDP, Greenpeace, I-REC Standard and others. The event will take place on December 10, 2014 from 8:30 – 5:00 at the Chung-Hua Institution for Economic Research in Taipei. Interested participants can attend the conference at no cost. 


21 October 2014

Member password management to RECS websites

Some members have had difficulties finding or updating their username and password information on the and websites.  We would like to update you on the current procedures in place to change your individual username or password. 


13 October 2014

The European EECS-GO Standard continues to grow

In a recent Markets Committee meeting the Association of Issuing Bodies reviewed recent changes and additions to the EECS-GO standardized countries and/or AIB membership countries. 


9 October 2014

RECS organizes event to help build multilateral framework for joint renewable energy projects

A number of recent events have brought further clarity in the development of cross-border renewable energy participation. The ECJ cases of Essent and Alands Vindkraft have clarified the scope for justification of national restrictions for renewable energy support schemes. 
A number of EU Member States have however confirmed, in some cases in connection with the application of the 2014 EU Energy and Environmental Aid Guidelines, that they are planning to allow limited cross-border participation in their support schemes in the near future, including Germany and the United Kingdom, on the basis of joint project mechanisms.  


7 October 2014

Vote for RECS International in the 2014 Commodity Business Awards

RECS International has been shortlisted for the Commodity Business Awards 2014 under the Renewable Energy Category.


30 September 2014

RECS International to speak at EMART Energy conference

EMART Energy 2014 will take place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 5 and 6 November 2014. RECS International president Claes Hedenstrom will moderate the session, "Renewable electricity - Inside or outside the market?" from 14:30 to 17:30 on Wednesday November 5th.


13 September 2014

RECS member delivers open letter to encourage use of GO in new CSR directive

ECOHZ, a RECS International member, has delivered an open letter to the European Commission asking for, “a coherent approach to how companies report consumption of renewable energy and reinforce Guarantees of Origin as the key disclosure tool”. 


12 September 2014

Flemish support system for domestic renewables compatible with EU law

The decision by Europe’s highest court in the case of Essent Belgium NV v Vlaamse Reguleringsinstantie voor de Elektriciteits- en Gasmarkt, better known as the ‘Essent Case’ was not surprising for those who followed the earlier Aland Vindkraft case (C-573/12) and ruling by the European Court of Justice.


10 September 2014

Press release Europe Commission says German FiT must work internationally

According to the press release the Commission started an, “in-depth investigation on the EEG 2012 Act” over concerns about the compatibility of tariff reductions for some energy users. The result of the investigation can be seen in the EEG 2014 which will organize tenders, “for up to 5% of the tendered capacity to installations located in Member States which have concluded a cooperation agreement with Germany".


2 September 2014

Public consultation on CDP questionnaires for 2015

CDP is amending its questionnaires for 2015.  CDP runs an annual public consultation process on these proposed amendments to its questionnaires, prior to their publication. During this period, CDP welcomes all stakeholders to review the proposed changes to its questionnaires and submit comments.


2 September 2014

Save the date: RECS Market Meeting 2015

RECS International, together with our members and stakeholders, are happy to announce the venue and date of the upcoming 2015 RECS Market Meeting.


25 August 2014

RECS International prepares draft supplier disclosure guidelines for electricity products

At the request of RE-DISS, RECS International has prepared draft supplier disclosure guidelines. It is the opinion of RECS International that guidelines are needed to improve transparency to the electricity end-consumer. While primarily a concern for small and medium size consumers who purchase ‘bundled’ electricity products from their electricity supplier, large consumers will also benefit from clear, transparent information about the product they are receiving. The current practices of many supply companies vary and the opportunity for RE-DISS to provide voluntary guidelines could provide a movement towards supplier product standardization. 


10 August 2014

I-REC Standard for tracking electricity sent RECS International and AIB letter about Spanish GO system

The I-REC Standard has the aim of spreading the principles of energy attribute tracking systems, worldwide, to promote a consistent and verifiable product that enables a reliable and transparent consumer choice for renewable electricity.  RECS International has generally supported such market initiatives in their attempt to bring consumers improved information about their electricity products.


15 July 2014

12-Large companies request renewable marketplace improvements in recent WWF report

Facebook, Walmart, HP, Mars, GM and Intel, among others, request six improvements to the current U.S. renewable energy marketplace in a recent report published by WWF. 


1 July 2014

European Court of Justice rules against the Advocate General's Opinion in Alands Vindkraft case

Early on July 1st, 2014 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in favor of Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) in the case brought by Alands Vindkraft. The ruling did not adhere to the earlier Opinion of the Advocate General which may have found Article 3(3) of the European Directive 2009/28/EC, The Renewable Energy Directive, invalid.  Article 3(3) allows for national governments to deny access to their renewable electricity support schemes for electricity producers located outside their national borders.  In doing so, the Opinion of the Advocate General explained that Article 3(3) of the Directive contradicted Article 34 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), which guarantees the free movement of goods within Europe. 


5 June 2014

RECS International publishes EECS-GO and RECS Standard Contract for Single Delivery

Working with the RECS International Legal Task Force the RECS International Secretariat has published the revised European Energy Certificate System – Guarantee of Origin Standard Agreement for Single Delivery.  More than 35 active participants representing 25 different organizations helped the RECS International secretariat shape the standard agreement.   


3 June 2014

Croatia joins the AIB but does not allow for international trade

The Croatian Energy Market Operator Ltd. (HROTE) has officially become a member of the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB). However, due to an AIB internal ruling the Croatian GO market will not be open for imports and/or exports until proper disclosure regulation is enacted.


27 May 2014

AIB creates overview of VAT charges on GO trades

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) has released a survey in which they requested information from their members and observers asking whether or not VAT is charged on GO trades in various European member states. 


22 May 2014

Hungary hosts first non-EECS registry from Grexel

The Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH) has decided to host the Hungarian national GO certificates in a registry provided by Grexel. The GOs are considered national Hungarian GOs as they do not adhere to the international electronic standard (EECS) held by the Association of Issuing Bodies. 


19 May 2014

Dutch railways will buy renewables for all consumption; RECS to speak at UIC event

The Dutch national railways Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) has promised to have trains riding on 100-percent renewable electricity by 2018. NS represents roughly 1-percent of total Dutch electricity consumption. 


15 May 2014

European Residual Mix figures released for 2013

The Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (RE-DISS) project has released their 2013 residual mix calculations. The residual mix calculation provided by RE-DISS is of a high-quality and once again shows that Europe is on the forefront of consumer electricity information and the use of electricity tracking systems.


28 April 2014

AIB announces that the Czech Republic has officially connected to the EECS international tracking system

In a press release from April 25th the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) explained that OTE, a.s. is the newest member of the international EECS-GO system and has officially been connected with the international electronic system held by the association. OTE is a well known Czech market operator.


20 April 2014

New State Aid Guidelines in energy sector, analysis by RECS Legal Task Force Advisor

The new State Aid Guidelines have been released in order to replace the existing 2008 guidelines.  A majority of the changes focused on the State aid for the production of renewables.  


16 April 2014

The RECS Market Meeting through the eyes of a US nonprofit

Center for Resource Solutions is a US non-profit and owner of the Green-e Energy renewable energy certification and verification program. The organization recently attended the RECS Market Meeting and wrote an article on their website titled, “Travelogue: RECS Market Meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany”. 


14 April 2014

Residual mix project opens public consultation for supplier disclosure guidelines

The Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (RE-DISS) project, well known for their best practices guidelines and annual residual mix reports, have recently started a public consultation to provide an overview to interested stakeholders on various options related to electricity disclosure. RE-DISS also requests feedback on the options provided. 


10 April 2014

European Retail Market Consultation required by April 17

The European Commission has released a consultation questionnaire on the Retail Energy Market.  RECS International has provided their draft response to the consultation due on April 17th.


8 April 2014

Member guide to Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 2 public review

The RECS International secretariat has created a guide to answering the Greenhouse Gas Protocol's (GHGP) Scope 2 guidance document.  The GHGP Scope 2 guidance document will be in public review until April 21st, 2014. 


3 April 2014

RECS International Legal Task Force provides commentary to the State Aid Draft Guidelines

Andreas Gunst, Chariman of the RECS International legal taskforce, has reviewed the recent EEAG draft guidelines.  His response is seen in its entirety below:


26 March 2014

Greenhouse Gas Protocol releases consultation on indirect emission - Scope 2 - carbon accounting guidance

After a 3-year consultation the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) has released the public consultation document for their Scope 2 accounting guidance document.  The draft guidance document will be in public consultation until Monday, April 21st 2014.  During the consultation period the GHGP will hold a number of in-person workshops and webinars.


24 March 2014

RECS Market Meeting 2014 - Thank You

The RECS Market Meeting 2014 in Düsseldorf, Germany was a success.  On behalf of the RECS International members, conference organizers and conference sponsors we thank all the attendees and speakers for their contributions.  Presentations are available to delegates via username and password.


26 February 2014

New EECS standardized countries likely in the short-term

It is highly likely that following on the heels of the Czech Republic another 3 to 4 countries will also join the European EECS GO standard in 2014.


26 February 2014

Article by Karl Beckman: The end is near for national renewable energy subsidy schemes in the EU

Journalist and contributor for Energy Post, Karel Beckman, wrote an article about recent Advocate-General final opinion in the Alands Vindkraft v. Swedish Energy Agency Court case.


20 February 2014

RECS provides public response to European Comission

The Directorate-General for Competition prepared a consultation to review the draft guidelines on environmental and energy State Aid 2014-2020. 


17 February 2014

RECS provides public response to CEER green electricity consultation

Sixty-nine organizational responses were delivered to the Council for European Energy Regulators’ (CEER) recent green electricity consultation.  The consultation was released as part of CEERs increased focus on European energy consumers.


14 February 2014

Unique perspective on recent ECJ Court Case

DLA Piper has released a document explaining the recent European Court of Justice (ECJ) court case. 


5 February 2014

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol workshop on Scope 2 Guidance, hosted by RECS International

Immediately following the RECS Market Meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany on March 18 and 19, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and RECS International will be hosting a workshop to discuss GHGP’s new Scope 2 Guidance draft.


4 February 2014

RECS International draft commentary to CEER consultation

RECS International members are encouraged to read and respond to RECS International’s response to the CEER consultation.


29 January 2014

Breaking News: Advocate General Bot gave final opinion on the Aland European court case

Existing national renewable energy support schemes are, in the opinion of the Advocate General, illegal since they are discriminating against foreign production sources.  This final opinion was released yesterday. The European Court of Justice still needs to provide the final ruling before the opinion takes effect.  This final ruling is at least a couple of months away. 


21 January 2014

RECS has E-World tickets for members; requests German speakers

RECS International will again have a booth at E-World on February 11, 12 and 13.  We have an open request for German speaking members to help at the booth for a few hours during this time period.  In addition we have a limited amount of free tickets for entrance to E-World for interested members. 


20 January 2014

Join RECS International at E-World

Join RECS International in Essen, Germany at the E-World energy & water conference February 11, 12 and 13. 


9 January 2014

EFET publishes EECS contractual agreement

The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) published an European Energy Certificate System (EECS) Certificates Master Agreement. 



18 December 2013

CEER opens public consultation on "green" electricity

Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) has opened a public consultation on ‘green’ electricity.  This consultation is open until 7 February 2014. 


17 December 2013

RECS International becomes a Dutch foundation

RECS International has changed its legal status from a Belgian Association to a Dutch Foundation.  This is in line with decisions taken by the board of RECS International over the last year and a half.  The relationship between RECS International and its members remains unchanged, this also goes for the functions and guiding mission of the RECS International Secretariat.


9 December 2013

UBA's cancelation functionality live

RECS International learned today that the cancelation functionality is now available on the UBA’s HKNR (Herkunftsnachweisregister).


6 December 2013

AIB approves Czech Republic GOs with preconditions; future removal from the hub remains possible

During the AIB general meeting the Domain Protocol for the Czech Republic was approved. The Czech Republic will not be eligible for export until approved disclosure regulation is in place. 


26 November 2013

Developments in the Polish GO system

After a recent seminar in Wroclaw, Poland it is still unclear what the Polish GO system will look like exactly. It is clear though that the Polish regulator (ERO) is the responsible issuing body and that the GO registry will be operated by the Polish Power Exchange (TGE).


19 November 2013

20-year RECs deal in US; 10-year GO deal in Europe

The US-based company, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has signed a 20-year REC deal with a 75MW installed capacity wind farm in Nebraska (USA).


19 November 2013

EU Commission requests more market-based support for renewables

The European Commission recently published a working document titled, “Guidance on the use of renewable energy cooperation mechanisms” as part of a broader publication on “Guidance to Member States on state intervention in electricity markets”.  There is a focus in the document of promoting more Europe-wide support systems and improving cooperation mechanisms.  There was also mention of the need to increase cost-efficiency.


5 November 2013

RECS International - Annual evaluation

With 2013 coming soon to a close the secretariat of RECS International would like to get your input into the successes and short comings of our work over the last year.   


10 October 2013

RECS Market Meeting 2014 website is live!

The RECS Market Meeting 2014 website is live and registration is open!

Go visit on your computer.  Or, open the website on your smartphone and bookmark our site. This way you'll stay up-to-date on the developments of the conference.


10 October 2013

Seminar "The guarantees of origin system in Poland"

Western Energy Consulting in Wroclaw, Poland is organizing the seminar "The Guarantees of Origin system in Poland" in the Radisson Blu hotel in Wroclaw on 14 November 2013. For more information go to the website :  


30 September 2013

Logo for RECS International Members is now available

RECS International members now have the ability to display that they are a member of RECS International on their publications, websites and communications.


26 September 2013

2nd Edition of the RECS Magazine is now available

RECS International invites you to read the second edition of the RECS Magazine.  This includes articles such as:

·   Cover story: There's no such thing as 'green electricity'
·   Interview with Ursula Stocker of Naturemade
·   RECS Market Meeting news
·   News items
·   Broker's column, Salvatore Lima


15 August 2013

First European renewable electricity consumed in Turkey

RECS International member, Demirören Axpo, announced that it has delivered the first renewable electricity, supplied from continental Europe and consumed in Turkey.


25 July 2013

AIB delays transition to EECS Rules

To conclude the transition from the PRO to the EECS Rules, the AIB Hub is being amended to reject transfers containing certificates which have been issued after a certain date and have missing mandatory fields.


16 July 2013

Powernext in France officially an AIB member

With Powernext becoming an AIB member the easy, free-trade of Guarantees of Origin can take place between France and 19 other AIB-hub connected registries.


10 July 2013

CEN/CENELEC vote to approve the final GO standard

Eleven countries voted to approve the CEN/CENELEC Guarantee of Origin standard.


8 July 2013

RECS International provides consultation to EU Green Paper

The Green Paper, “A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies” was in consultation until July 2nd, 2013.  


2 July 2013

LEED accepts the Guarantee of Origin in Europe

LEED has modified their Building Operations and Maintenance criteria with specific attention given to alternative compliance paths for European users.  The criteria now includes the ability to use EECS-GO Certificates for proof of renewable electricity consumption in Europe.


25 June 2013

RECS International provides insight into a recent legal opinion

The recent legal opinion provided by The European Court of Justice Advocate-General Yves Bot has potential implications for the future of the Guarantee of Origin, something to which RECS International was interviewed for in the most recent June 24th Power In Europe by Platts,


25 June 2013

AIB joins anti-VAT fraud package from ECOFIN

On June 21, the AIB has joined nine other European energy Associations in the adoption of an anti-fraud package created by the Economic and Financial Affairs Council (ECOFIN).


29 May 2013

Advocate-General with opinion on Belgian case

Advocate-General Bot released an opinion on May 8th, 2013 for Case C-204/12, Essent Belgium NV v Vlaamse Reguleringsinstantie voor de Elektriciteits- en Gasmarkt (VREG).  This case, and opinion, could have significant implications  regarding the use of foreign produced electricity in a national target counting scheme. 


16 May 2013

National residual mix figures released for 2012

The residual mix calculation for 2012 has been released by the European project Reliable Disclosure Systems for Europe (Phase II).  The residual mix gives consumers increased insight into the origin  of their electricity consumption if they have not chosen a specific electricity product.  


8 May 2013

RECS International to hold RES Targets Strategy meeting

On May 21st, RECS International will be holding a strategy meeting in Brussels intended to look for market-based support schemes for renewable energy.


22 April 2013

Presentations available from the Environmental and Energy Aid Guidelines Workshop

On April, 12 2013 there was a workshop organized by the European Commission regarding the modernization of State Aid rules. 


17 April 2013

Non-European interest in Guarantee of Origin certification increases

The Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), administers of the US-based Green-e certification and verification program,  recently blogged about the potential for Green-e cooperation in Europe.


15 April 2013

Commission creates single market for green products initiative

A press release from the 9thof April 2013, “Environment: Helping companies and consumers navigate the green maze” was published on the EU commissions website. 


11 April 2013

RECS International publishes open letter to Oettinger

In response to an interview with EU Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, RECS International has published an open letter to discuss cost-efficient methods for future support schemes.


10 April 2013

RE-DISS II project to publish European residual mix

The project RE-DISS II, known around the world for their creation of European residual mix figures, has been granted support from the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme for a 30-month continuation.  The project began as of April 1, 2013.  


8 April 2013

Water levels in Norway lower than normal

Less snowfall led to lower water levels and possibly 19 TWh in reduced renewable electricity production.


2 April 2013

Commission releases green paper; asks for consultation

On March 28th the European commission released a green paper, “A 2030 framework for climate and energy policies”. 


23 March 2013

Switzerland the first country to mandate full disclosure

A representative of Swissgird announced Wednesday at the 2013 RECS Market Meeting in Berlin that Switzerland is instituting mandatory full disclosure for all power stations in the country.  This is the first country to make such a step.


22 March 2013

Germany to join AIB-hub in 2013

An UBA representative at the RECS Market Meeting, Wednesday, March 21st in Berlin, said for the first time publically that the Germany Guarantee of Origin registry will join the AIB-hub in 2013.


21 March 2013

RECS Members push the voluntary market to support new power

RECS members spoke at the RECS Market Meeting last week in Berlin about the need for the voluntary market to support new power – these members said they will both work towards this goal.


19 March 2013

Summit held by EU on consumer legislation; Energy was a topic

On 18 and 19 March more than 450 stakeholders from more than 10 EU-ministries spoke about how to improve consumer legislation.  The topic of energy was presented during a workshop within the conference.


14 March 2013

RECS Market Meeting only days away

RECS International is excited to again organize the RECS Market Meeting, this year in Berlin.


13 March 2013

Germany and France are formal applicants of the AIB

The Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB), the owners of the European Energy Certificate Standard (EECS), have formal applications from the German and French GO issuing bodies.  Germany has applied for access and use of the AIB hub whereas France has applied for full AIB membership.


12 March 2013

EU-wide sustainability criteria for biomass could increase consumer protection

A number of European organizations have promoted the harmonized, binding sustainability criteria for biomass on the EU-level.


28 February 2013

Certification of Dutch heat now a requirement for national subsidies

The Dutch subsidy system (SDE+) now requires certification via Guarantees of Origin (GO) for all producers of renewable heat attempting to claim national subsidy credit. 


27 February 2013

Label for European renewable electricity approves the GO as base product

The EKOenergy board, creating a standard for renewable electricity in Europe, has approved criteria in which the standard will be based upon the Guarantee of Origin.


26 February 2013

RECS International has their State aid review available online

In mid-2012 RECS International took part in a consultation put out by DG Competition in order to modernize State aid guidelines by the end of 2013. 


18 February 2013

Carbon Disclosure Project releases report scope II accounting technical notes

Carbon Disclosure Project released the first public version of their scope II accounting technical notes. 


18 February 2013

Preliminary reference made to the ECJ on EU law compatibility of national support scheme

The Foundation Renewable Energy Transition (FRET) published a press release titled, "Preliminary Reference made to the ECJ on EU Law Compatibility of National Support Scheme for Renewable Energy".


12 February 2013

Another European Minister calls for single European approach to renewables

At a February 1st energy seminar in Berlin, Henk Kamp, Minister of Economic Affairs for the Netherlands requested that Europe work together to stimulate renewable energy production.


11 February 2013

European Court of Justice provides a case number for lawsuit

RECS International has been following the case between Alands Vindkraft AB and the Swedish Energy Agency (Energimyndigheten) for quite some time. The local Swedish court recently asked input from the European Court of Justice (ECJ). The ECJ has now officially issued a case number in response to this request from the Swedish court.


6 February 2013

France to have EECS Guarantees of Origin

According to a press release of January 29th the French issuing body will be compliant with AIB rules to have an EECS standardized GO.


30 January 2013

Join RECS International at E-World

Join RECS International in Essen, Germany at the E-World energy & water conference February 5, 6 and 7. 


22 January 2013

1st Edition of the RECS Magazine is now available

RECS International invites you to read the first edition of the RECS Magazine.  This includes articles such as:

·   Cover story: Purchasing low-carbon electricity
·   Interview with Markus Schmid of WISE
·   RECS Market Meeting news
·   News items
·   Broker's column, Max van Meer


15 January 2013

French government appoints issuing body

In early 2012 the French government created a tender intended to find an issuing body for French Guarantees of Origin.  As of January 15th 2013 it was made public that Powernext will be the next issuing body. 


14 January 2013

Irish Presidency of the council of the European Union

The term for the Cypriot President of the Council of the European union ended on 31 December 2012. As of January 1, 2013 there is an Irish Presidency.The programme of the presidency is worth reading and gives you an idea of the most important issues on the table. 


9 January 2013

Dutch television programme features RECS-I; discusses cost-efficient EU target compliance

The television program Altijd Wat (Eng: Always Something) released a  short documentary regarding the Dutch renewable energy targets and the cost-efficiency of current national subsidy systems intended to meet those targets.  


7 January 2013

Swedish courts request input from the European Court of Justice regarding legal case

RECS International has been informed that an ongoing court case between Ålands Vindkraft AB and the Swedish Energy Agency has moved to the European Court of Justice for additional information.


4 January 2013

Parliamentary hearing on consumers in the green electricity market

The EKOenergy organization is holding two seminars in Brussels on January 23rd, 2013.


19 December 2012

RECS wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

RECS International wishes an energetic and merry Christmas to all our members, colleagues and friends! We hope that during this holiday season you can enjoy time with your friends and family!


18 December 2012

Interactive map for ETS systems worldwide

The International Carbon Action Partnership ( has released an emissions trading scheme map.


17 December 2012

RECS members discuss the future of RECS certificates

RECS International board members have discussed the future of the voluntary RECS certificates at their meeting in Milan on Friday December 7, 2012.


13 December 2012

Launch of data survey for municipalities and energy suppliers

MESHARTILITY introduces a survey and invites local governments and energy suppliers to take part.


10 December 2012

Outlook of the German GO System

Presentation by Dominik Seebach at the AIB General Meeting in Milan on 6-7 December 2012 in particular regarding  the relation between the EECS registry with Öko-Institut as IB and the new RES-GO registry at Umweltbundesamt (UBA) in 2013.


6 December 2012

Italian market brings in EECS-GO - 'Naturally' Phases out Co-fer and RECS certificates

On December 6th, 2012 a GSE representative presented at the RECS International GO Trading Seminar that the Italian GO will join the AIB-hub by the middle of 2013. This makes the Italian GO an EECS-GO.


4 December 2012

European Council urges EU fuel-mix cohesion

The Council of the European Union released a statement yesterday regarding a council meeting on Transport, Telecommunications and Energy.


29 November 2012

Report from the 18th annual SETAC LCA conference

A number of presentations at the 18th annual Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) took place this week Monday the 26th of November.


29 November 2012

German GO registry is open for plant registration

The Germany Guarantee of Origin (GO) registry‚ Herkunftsnachweisregister (HKNR), is now open and accepting the registration of plant operators.


28 November 2012

European Commission working on product environmental footprint guide

The commission has released a document describing the draft, final methodology for the calculation of a Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). 


28 November 2012

Norway announces change in Residual Mix

In order to eliminate the double counting of renewable attributes being traded via Norwegian Guarantee of Origin (GO) certificates, the NVE, or the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate, has made some changes to the calculation of their Residual Mix.


21 November 2012

Dutch Issuing Body changes certificate cancelation Rules

CertiQ, the appointed issuing body for the Netherlands, has changed some rules regarding the Guarantee of Origin (GO).  Most notably the automatic cancelation of a GO will take place 1-year following the production of the electricity and not 1-year following the issuance of the certificate.


19 November 2012

RECS International goes live with a new website

RECS International has gone live today with their new website. This website is intended to increase the awareness of energy tracking systems with both consumers and policy makers. A result of these energy tracking systems are green electricity products and the (inter-)national mechanisms in place to protect the consumer's choice for these products. These two topics are becoming increasingly important and for this reason RECS International hopes to highlight them with the new website. 


14 November 2012

Grant agreement close for RE-DISS II Project

The EACI has favorably evaluated the RE-DISS II project for continuation. 


13 November 2012

Event Recap: WBCSD council meeting

Last week the annual WBCSD council meeting took place in Seoul, South Korea. This meeting included a constructive session for the Greenhouse Gas Management Working Group.


5 November 2012

The Dutch have a new governmental energy agreement

The Dutch government has a new agreement that encompasses many aspects of life in the Netherlands. One of the focuses in this agreement was in Energy.  


31 October 2012

Shell warns that EU-ETS is failing - coal burning increasing

Royal Dutch Shell has warned that the increase in renewables via subsidy schemes is making cash strapped countries burn more cheap coal, less CO2 low-gas, and focus on the 'meaningless' CO2 price. 


31 October 2012

Norway accepted the RECS trademark

As of the 31st of October, 2012 the RECS trademark and logo have been accepted under Norwegian law.


30 October 2012

US cap-and-trade discussing a merge

The Regional Green House Gas Initiative (RGGI) including nine Northeast states in the United States is discussing combining the east coast state cap-and-trade systems to California's new system.  


28 October 2012

IEA considers doubling hydroelectricity by 2050

The IEA has recently published a report considering the effects of a 50% increase in hydroelectricity production between now and 2050.