What we are

We represent the market players, from generators, traders, wholesalers, suppliers and consumers, in a constant dialogue with national legislative bodies and European policy makers to further develop a standardized pan-European electricity tracking system. RECS International has worked since 2001 to improve and simplify the system of tracked electricity, the certificates used in that system and the claims consumers can make after their certificate purchases.


During the liberalization of the electricity sector, the Guarantee of Origin (GO) was presented as the method of tracking renewable energy attributes.  This was brought forward in the European directive 2001/28/EC (later revised in 2009/28/EC). We believe that a standardized GO certificate is best if it is standardized in every EU Member State by the European Energy Certificate System (EECS) provided by the Association of Issuing Bodies.  We hope that by expanding the EECS system cross-border electricity attribute trading will expand and help to increase the cost efficient production of renewable electricity.

An essential part of a cross-border electricity tracking system is the ability to increase the transparency of an end-users' electricity purchase.  We do this by fully utilizing the benefits of a standardized electricity tracking system and allowing market players to trade electricity attributes on an open market. We help define and provide standard end-user claims after the consumption of the main tracking mechanism, the GO certificate.