Partners & stakeholders

While RECS International and the Association of Issuing Bodies (AIB) have no formal cooperation and are two individual and separate organizations there are shared goals when attempting to implement EECS systems throughout Europe. The AIB and its members have the objective of implementing the RES and IME Directives in a trustworthy, reliable and cost-effective manner. RECS International on the other hand represents market parties who strive for a open, transparent, credible and efficient marketplace.   

RECS International also has strong cooperation with EURELECTRIC. EURELECTRIC, The Union of the Electricity Industry, represents the common interests of the electricity industry at a pan-European level. We also have close cooperation with the European Federation of Energy Traders - EFET - an organisation established to improve the European energy trading conditions and to promote the development of a liquid and sustainable European wholesale market.

Additionally we have professional cooperation with a number of other organizations around the world.  Our members enjoy through their membership with RECS International, cooperation with:

The Carbon Disclosure Project



Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Center for Resource Solutions   






The European Renewable Energy Council
Greenpeace The Green House Gas Protocol
ISO The United States Environmental Protection Agency
KPMG Utz Certified
Montel World Resource Institute
NYSE Euronext World Wildlife Fund
National Renewable Energy Laboratory World Business Council on Sustainable Development