Members and participation

Members most commonly participate in the quarterly RECS meetings which include the management board and all interested members. All members are encouraged to comment and discuss the future action plan, budget, annual report, and general direction of the association. In addition to the membership base RECS International has a number of other groups who help steer the organization.

The secretariat is staffed by three people who organize all working groups and events for RECS International members. The secretariat is also well informed about electricity tracking systems, Guarantee of Origin certificates, and consumer claims.  The secretariat can help provide answers to member inquiries.

  • The Board consists of a small group of dedicated RECS International members. Currently the Board is made up of: The President, vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and coordinator/chairman of some of the larger RECS International working groups. The Board focuses on the daily management of the organization and is in constant communication with the secretariat.
  • In addition to the above management groups, there are a number of working groups that help increase the reach and efficiency of RECS International’s work. These working groups are open to all members. Working groups help provide insight and commentary to RECS International and the core-group. Much of the physical day-to-day work from RECS International comes from working group meetings or conference calls and for this reason working groups are usually long-standing and without completion dates. Some of the larger RECS International working groups are:
    • The Market Group: A combination of the former WG Demand Side and Users Group with a focus on activities within the voluntary market, a transparent international certificate market, the use of the Guarantee of Origin and correct renewable electricity claims. The Market Group (MG) also helps provide insight for the joint AIB-RECS meetings.
    • Working Group Disclosure:  The WG Disclosure focuses on all aspects relating to electricity disclosure and supplier green products.
    • Working Group Target Compliance: With focus on the legal aspects of certificate trading such as standard contracting and cooperation mechanisms, the Working Group Target Compliance is the main RECS International contact for commenting on EU draft documents and other legislative material.
  • RECS International also has a number of task forces that are made for short-term projects. To join a task-force members volunteer or are invited by others. A task-force can often be small, with less than ten members, and always reports its findings to a WG or the core group. 

RECS International has over 120 members from over 22 countries.