Proof of Purchase

The need for carbon accounting is one thing, but the Guarantee of Origin (GO) remains at its core an information transfer system.  As such is allows the consumer to take control of their electricity purchases, not just in regards to carbon, but with any bit of information they choose.  Consumers are increasingly taking advantage of this possibility and making dedicated purchases based on the electricity production source they wish to support. The unique aspect of EECS-GOs are that they can be utilized as a commoditized product (e.g. Any non-fossil fuel electricity production) while at the same time providing a highly specific and individually consumer tailored product (e.g. small hydro from a certain type of power station that was built within the past 10 years).  This diversity in choice allows the consumers of GO certificates to discuss with their supplier, many of whom are members of RECS-I, what option is best for them, whether that be a personalized product or a ‘generic’ EECS-GO.  

The EECS-GO cancellation gives the end-user the ability to have an electricity proof-of-purchase.