RECS International is a Dutch foundation with its secretariat headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

RECS International Secretariat Staff

Jared Braslawsky Secretary General
Adam White Director
Mirte van Geenen Project manager





Thomas Eccard Head of Green Markets Agder Energi
Board members    
Marie-Christine Bluett Head of Renewables Portfolio Southpole Group
Saptarshi Pal Senior Originaor Statkraft Markets
Tom Lindberg Managing Director ECOHZ
Louis von Moos Managing Director Verein ECS Switzerland
Oliver Crouch Chief Product Officer Natural Capital Partners
Ivan Debay CEO Origo



A certificate system is always tied to a geographic or political boundary. In line with the Association of Issuing Bodies, all members of RECS International within the same geographic area, or ‘domain’, have national teams that elect a board member to represent them for a two-year period.

The board meets at quarterly RECS meetings.