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RECS International Annual Report 2018

The RECS International Annual Report 2018 is now available below. The report provides an overview of the markets for the guarantee of origin, the US REC market and the International REC Standard, the as well as facts and figures of RECS International. 

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Implementing Article 19 of the RED II

A guide to implementing Article 19 of the recast Renewable Energy Directive (EU 2018/2001).


GO Monitoring 2017 Report

RECS International, in cooperation with consultancy agency VaasaETT, has published the 2017 GO Monitoring report.

The report provides a detailed insight to the European GO market and consolidates GO statistics from both EECS markets as well as non-EECS compliant markets. The report can be downloaded here.


RECS International Annual Report 2017

The RECS International Annual Report 2017 is now available below. The report documents an overview of the Guarantee of Origin market, as well as facts and figures of RECS International. 

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Interview: GO important factor in subsidy free tender Nuon

Last month Nuon/Vattenfall has won a state tender for the first subsidy free offshore wind park. The construction is due to start in 2022. RECS International interviewed Esther Veldkamp of Vattenfall about this achievement and about the importance of the GO in financing the project, eliminating the need for subsidy.

The interview was released today and can be downloaded here.


RECS International releases the Renewables Good Practice

The Renewables Good Practice (ReGP) has been created together with the Consumer Claim Standards Working Group within RECS International and has had the input of many external stakeholders during the consultation period held in late 2017.

The ReGP is a guidance document that supports electricity end-users, market players, policy makers and stakeholders with the claims associated with procuring renewable electricity.

Claims can only be reliably made when the attributes of the associated electricity are reliably owned and disclosed by a single end-user. The ReGP guidance document provides simple and pragmatic solutions for renewables procurement around the world.


RECS International Annual Report 2016

The RECS International Annual Report 2016 is now available below. The report documents an overview of the Guarantee of Origin market, as well as facts and figures of RECS International. 

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Launch of the GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance Report

As of January 20th, "Companies Can Now Credibly Report Emissions From Low-Carbon Electricity Purchases" according to The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, a global collaboration led by the World Resource Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). We at RECS International are pleased to see years of our work reflected in the report. Peter Niermeijer, Secretary General of RECS International is encouraged by the report, saying, "This is another step towards our goal of promoting a choice in electricity products for all electricity purchasers. The choice of these individual consumers should also be reflected in renewable support solutions that are implemented by national governments. By using the power of consumer choice we would be able to increase the cost-efficient implementation of new renewables and encourage consumer interest in renewable electricity more generally".

To view the GHGP report click on the picture below:


Happy Holidays from RECS International

It is the members that make RECS International the strong foundation it is. This includes the regulars as well as the new faces who help shape our organisation and provide the insight, knowledge and ideas needed to create an effective renewable electricity market in Europe and around the world.

On behalf of RECS International I would like to thank all those who help our foundation grow and prosper.

I wish you Season’s Greetings and a Happy New Year.

Kind regards,

Claes Hedenstrӧm
President RECS International


The RECS Market Meeting 2015

We’re happy to announce the fifth edition of the RECS Market Meeting, which will be held on 29 and 30 April in Oslo, Norway.

This is the only European conference that is completely dedicated to renewable energy, the consumers who purchase it and the choices about electricity consumption that companies, large and small, are making throughout Europe. The conference combines sustainability, consumer choice as well as national and international regulations in a unique way in order to give you a complete picture of all aspects of the market for renewable energy.


2013 RECS -- Annual Report

RECS International invites you to read our 2013 annual report.  We use our annual report as a yearly opportunity to layout our vision for the Guarantee or Origin market in Europe and evaluate the past year's events.  Join us by reading the report! 


RECS Market Meeting - The Growing Market For Guarantees of Origin

RECS Market Meeting 2014 is the largest international conference specifically about the market for renewable electricity in Europe. If you are a renewable energy market player, a regulator or a large electricity consumer, this event should be in your calendar.

The RECS Market Meeting is an annual event; the fourth edition will take place in Intercontinental Hotel Düsseldorf on 18 and 19 March 2014. Early bird registration ends January 27th! 
Please click on the picture below to download the brochure or go to for more information and registration.


2012 Annual report

The first decade

RECS International is proud to announce that 10 years ago, in December 2002, our organization came into being.  At that time RECS International worked towards a better more stable market for tracked electricity.  Times have changed.  The standard for GOs supports accurate transfer, trade and cancelation of hundreds of millions of Guarantees of Origin on a yearly basis from more than a dozen European countries.  But, our work is not done.  The system should be expanded and the consumer should be better informed.

Read our annual report and learn more about the results of, “The first decade” and where we stand now. 


RECS Magazine - Purchasing low-carbon electricity

From a consumer’s point of view, when given the choice between fossil-fuel-based or renewable electricity the smart choice is the renewable option. Why? Because renewable electricity does not cause carbon emissions and fossil-fuel-based electricity does. No informed consumer wants to be responsible for carbon emissions, but is it that simple? Can I, as a consumer, influence the type of electricity other consumers purchase? How can I even be sure that the electricity I have purchased is low-carbon?


The successes of the voluntary market creates new power

Nowadays one could say that certificate trading is starting a new phase in liberalization of the electricity market. With the introduction of the Guarantee of Origin (GO), electricity can be tracked from producer to consumer.  This allows the consumer to choose a specific electricity product they wish to purchase and consume. RECS International asked itself however, looking back on 10 years of RECS, if this was the initial reason the first movers got involved in GO/electricity attribute trading. What were the real expectations from the people involved in the beginning of this new market?

One thing is for sure, the successes of the voluntary market are real and it gave a lot of new energy to the people involved. Read more about the history of GO trading in the first issue of the RECS International cover story